Some homeowners who are desperately in need of roofing services have fallen victims to scams.  And you do not want the same thing to happen to you. That is why before you enter into any agreement, it is crucial that you review everything. You also have to watch out for the red flags.

The following are the 5 roofing scams that you need to avoid:

1.     The Knocking Roofer

You may be surprised to have a roofer knocking on your door when you know for a fact that you never called anybody to come. They will act very friendly and generous that they even offer a free checkup. The thing is, once they get to your roof, they will inflict damage to it on purpose. Why? So you will be forced to avail of their services!

2.     The Down Payment First Scheme

A company will agree to install a new roof for your home. BUT they won’t start the project until you give them a down payment. That right there is a red flag. Once you have given the money, they will disappear in the wind.

3.     The Roofing Gypsies

These scammers target homeowners who live in areas that got hit by natural calamities. They will install a new roof, but the materials are all sub-standard, leaving the owners with poor roofing. You have to avoid this scam at all costs if you don’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste.

4.     The Elevator

Everything is good at first. But once the project has started, the contractor will hit you with the need for more money for almost every reason that he could ever think of.

5.     The High Pressure

This scam is characterized by a roofing company that is too pushy. You meet with the contractor and he wants you to sign the contract right there and then without giving you the time to think about it.